Best Hand Cream For Dry Skin

What's the best hand cream for dry skin? It's actually a body lotion that contains a variety of different moisturizing ingredients. The typical body lotion contains mineral oil and not much else. It is a well known fact that mineral oil is not moisturizing. Companies continue to use it as an ingredient, because it is cheap.

Mineral oil is not absorbed into the skin's layers, because it is not similar to human sebum, natural oil produced by the sebaceous glands within the pores. A number of different vegetable oils are very similar to sebum. Most companies don't use vegetable oils, because it costs more.

Mineral oil is actually a byproduct created when crude oil is converted to gasoline. It's basically liquefied petroleum jelly. It is prone to contain contaminants and manufacturers are not required to check for them.

The best hand cream for dry skin contains jojoba, grape seed and olive oils. These three oils are very similar to sebum. They are quickly absorbed. Jojoba actually helps to balance sebum production. So, if there are parts of your body that tend to be oily, you don't have to worry. Jojoba can be used without the risk of breaking out or having other reactions.

The typical body lotion contains artificial preservatives and added fragrances. The fragrances are added because mineral oil stinks. The preservatives are added to prolong the shelf life of the product.

The majority of allergic and adverse reactions that people experience when using lotions and other cosmetics are due to the inclusion of artificial preservatives and added fragrances.

Manufacturers continue to use them, because only about 25% of people have a reaction. The best hand cream for dry skin is preserved using natural vitamin E, which is also beneficial to the skin's health. It reduces fine lines and wrinkles, prevents the appearance of age spots and helps to prevent free radical damage caused by overexposure to the sun and exposure to environmental toxins.

Free radicals, if left unchecked, cause damage to the skin's collagen fibers. Those fibers are responsible for the skin's strength and firmness. If you are noticing that your hands are starting to look like your grandmother's, you need some vitamin E.

The most important ingredient in the best hand cream for dry skin is CYNERGY TK. That's the proprietary name of a protein complex that is extracted and made soluble using patented processes. It is the most important ingredient to look for because it works.

It was originally developed to treat contact dermatitis. You may know that as dishpan hands. The symptoms are redness, dryness itching and, in severe cases, cracking. It was proven effective for treating dermatitis and was found to increase the skin's moisture content by over 20%.

The moisture content was measured a full 24 hours later and found to be nearly the same. In other words, it will make your hands moister and moister, as the days go by.

Now, you know what the best hand cream for dry skin contains. You should find that the problem is resolved with continued use.

How many people think rough, dry hands are just part of the program when life gets hectic? They might try every new hand cream for dry skin that comes along, and find none work very well.

Millions of women have a full-time job, raise a family and do most of the cleaning and dish-washing, and they often have this experience. For men, it's often the same kind of busy life, and a man's tendency to neglect his skin anyway, that leads to skin dryness, especially on the hands.

In my own busy life, I once did all that, including the constant search for a hand cream for dry skin that really worked. For all those busy people, here's a quick guide for what to look for in the best hand cream for dry skin.

First, look for the proven natural emollients (skin softeners) and moisturizers, such as...

-- Shea butter, a natural emollient and moisturizer that absorbs into the skin quickly and easily, without greasiness. Clinical studies have shown that shea butter is an anti-inflammatory for red, irritated skin, and makes the skin softer, smoother, and younger looking within four to six weeks.

-- Babassu, a light, natural wax from an Amazonian palm, has been used for centuries to soothe the skin. Babassu soothes both dry and oily complexions and in clinical trials has improved itchy, dry and inflamed skin, even eczema.

-- Avocado Oil is deeply hydrating, scientifically-proven to stimulate collagen production and increase the proportion of soluble collagen in the dermis of your skin, all wonderful ways to make your skin feel younger.

-- Active Manuka Honey, a remarkable honey from the flowers of manuka bushes growing wild in New Zealand, is exceptionally rich in antioxidants and stimulates the immune system.

-- Natural Vitamin E, one of the great proven natural skin nutrients that prevents oxidation damage that causes so much skin damage and irritation.

Second, the produce should be up-to-date with modern skin care technology. One recent research breakthrough that complements these natural moisturizers in a hand cream for dry skin is a trademarked ingredient called Cynergy TK, which contains Functional Keratin (keratin in a unique bio-available form which stimulates the growth of new skin cells). It's a wonderful moisturizer and also forms an invisible barrier to retain moisture.

That's what I put on my own hands, and what a difference it has made! No redness, no dryness, no itching! Check my website for the best hand cream for dry skin.